Latest News And Trailer For The Lord Of The Rings War In The North

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Snowblind Studios are at it again, this time with a new trailer for the up and coming title Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Highlighting the realistic combat of war-torn Middle-earth, War in the North combines intense action and several RPG elements to pull players into the struggle of the people and creatures who inhabit J.R.R. Tolken’s Middle Earth.

Up to three players will be able to fight their way through intense battles against giant trolls, orc armies, and the evil creations of the deadly Black Númenórean who is a trusted ally of Sauron. Players will be able to choose to play as one of the three major races involved in this newest conflict of Middle Earth. According to the official War in the North website, the races are described as follows.

The Dúnedain are descended from the Men of Númenor, who were the most advanced and noble of the houses of Man. They have fallen on hard times with the destruction of the Kingdom of Arnor, but a remnant of their race still labors on to make the North a safer place and to keep alive the claim of Isildur’s Heir.These people live a hard life, constantly fighting against the forces of darkness, yet distrusted and unappreciated by the very people they protect. Most people consider them rough and possibly dangerous.

The Elves of Middle-earth are the oldest of the races, and most have left for other realms. Those that stay do so out of a love for the land and a sense of responsibility and friendship for those who must remain behind.Elves are immortal, have long memories and have seen many sorrows in their time. Naturally they have the greatest sense of history since even the events of thousands of years before were lived by their parents or grandparents.

One of the things that great age and wisdom teaches the Elves is that whenever possible the small pleasures of life should be enjoyed. Thus this race has a love of song, dance, art, and a deep connection to nature. Outsiders often misinterpret this behavior, considering Elves carefree and unconcerned with the troubles that beset the world.Nothing could be further from the truth however, since Elves have the deepest understanding of the nature of the evil that threatens Middle-earth. At need, Elves are among the greatest and most skilled of warriors. In the hidden refuge of Rivendell, there are Elves that keep alive the ancient arts and sciences of their kind, making them skilled healers and practitioners of mystical arts.

Dwarves are frequently gruff, but many are heroes—wise, compassionate, and thoughtful. They can be quick to take offense at slights and do not suffer fools lightly. While they usually prefer the ways of their own people, they also respect and value others who display courage and wisdom.

Their short stature and brash nature belies their strong loyalty and dedication. Once deep ties are established, they will fiercely defend their territory. Those who underestimate their ability to burrow down and hold their ground will be surprised by their unwavering allegiance to their values. Dwarves can be strong friends and dangerous enemies.

The setting for War in the North is a place unfamiliar to many Lord of the Rings fans, set in the area North of Eriador and Rhovanion and separated by the vast mountain ranges of the Misty Mountains and the Grey Mountains, the Great Northern Wastes contain some of the most inhospitable terrain known on Middle Earth. But the whole adventure that players will face does not solely take place in these formidable lands, other more familiar locations help shape the story and back ground as well.

As one of the last remaining Elven sanctuaries left on Middle Earth, Rivendell is tucked in a valley near the Misty Mountains.  Elrond, its leader and defender, must be bold in defending its boundaries or stand to lose it forever. He is calling on his powerful allies to help him protect his home and everything it symbolizes for all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.

North of Rivendell lay the Ettenmoors, a wasteland situated in the rugged west spur of the Misty Mountains. With stunning vistas of the rolling hills surrounding the area, the Ettenmoors mask the truly violent nature of its inhabitants. Winding paths leading the way through this beautiful country are dotted with Caves filled with Orcs and ridges teeming with Goblins.

To the East of the Misty Mountains and the South of the Grey mountains, lay the ancient forests of Mirkwood. Those willing to brave its winding paths and foggy routes bring back tales of expansive spider nests and caves deep enough to house trolls. Wargs run wild underneath the canopy, and their calls alert nearby Orc encampments of any unwanted visitors.

Players will not only be hacking and slashing their way through the various foes, but will also be exploring previously unseen lands, storylines and characters as well as those familiar from past feature films, gamers experience expansive co-op gameplay and upgradeable weapons, character customization and development, skills and special abilities.

With so many RPG elements in play meshed with the action fundamentals of combat, Lord of the Rings: War in the North is sure to have fans both new and old lining up at stores when it is released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows PC later this year. Check out the new trailer below.

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