Latest No Man’s Sky Update Coming This Week, All But Rectifies Technical Issues


Developer Hello Games won’t rest until all of the technical issues currently affecting No Man’s Sky have been rectified – and the latest update looks set to bring that vision one step closer to reality.

Word comes by way of the studio’s Twitter account (via VideoGamer), confirming that the imminent patch will ensure 90 percent of crash issues reported at launch are fixed.

“If a PS4 crashes, it sends us a crash dump. Over the last week since the game came out we categorised and fixed these in order of priority. This has been incredibly useful, and allows us to know exactly how many people are affected. Thank you.”

Hello Games stopped short of revealing how long it will actually take to iron out all the kinks – given the sheer scope of No Man’s Sky, we imagine it’ll be some time yet before the game is entirely bug-free – but PS4 users can at least take solace in the fact that, by the time patch 1.06 launches later this week, “90% of crash issues will be fixed.”

“Patch 1.04 fixes 75% of crash issues for PS4 was released Friday. Patch 1.05 fixes 87% of crash issues for PS4 was released Sunday. Patch 1.06 fixes 90% of crash issues for PS4 is in testing and will release this week.”

Here’s the latest statement of intent from the horse’s mouth:

Tell us, have you encountered any of the technical problems that have reared their head in No Man’s Sky? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Source: Twitter

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