Latest Overwatch Developer Update Details Progress On New Characters And Symmetra Changes


Blizzard and Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan have released a new developer update video on YouTube, providing a state of play report on the past, present and future of the first-person shooter. Kaplan covers a lot of the hot topics currently being discussed by the community in the 14 minute-long video, beginning with detailing various balance changes that are currently being put through their paces by those who have access to the game’s PTR (public test realm).

Tweaks to Junkrat’s steel trap ability and Widowmaker’s sniper rifle scoping animations are just some of the things Kaplan touches on during the video, but it appears as if the main focus in regards to existing character changes is Symmetra. Blizzard had revealed previously that the support character would receive changes in the future due to players seemingly not taking well to her playstyle, but Kaplan has more to add on the matter.

Although she falls under the support category, Kaplan says that Blizzard isn’t “really interested at this time in exploring Symmetra as a healer,” despite certain players suggesting that some of her abilities be changed to include health regeneration. Ultimately, Kaplan says that he’s wary of players trying to push Symmetra into being “something she’s not.

Whatever Blizzard decides to do with the character, expect to see the changes roll out for Overwatch around mid-November.