Latest Pokémon Go Event Has An Extremely Rare Reward

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players have the chance to score an extremely rare prize for participating in the mobile title’s latest event. If you’re already in the process of putting a battle-hardened team together in anticipation of some tough as nails raid battles, however, you needn’t bother. This time around, developer Niantic is trying its hand at providing a more peaceful limited-time affair. In fact, your best chance of securing this particular occasion’s most coveted prize is by making friends. Lots of them.

The reason? From now until Monday, August 5th, Niantic is lifting several restrictions on Gifts, meaning the number you can both send and receive from others is considerably higher than usual. For those unfamiliar with the feature, visiting and spinning any PokéStop has a chance of yielding a special Gift item. These can only be opened when sent to another player on your friends list and contain any number of random items from Poké Balls and potions to Stardust and eggs.

That last item is what you’ll be hoping to get for the duration of this event.

All eggs received and hatched this way over the two-week period will be of the 2 km type but still have the chance to yield rarer Pokémon usually found only in 7 km varieties. A generous boost in itself but that’s not all. The number of Gifts any one person can open is increased to 30, so the more friends you have, the higher your chances of obtaining a healthy egg collection. Cracking the shell on any one of these will have the chance to yield the ultimate prize, a Shiny Bonsly.

You’ve got just under a fortnight to try your luck in Pokémon Go‘s latest eggstravaganza but don’t worry – any left unhatched after the event’s end date will retain their 2 km status and original contents. Good luck!