Latest Resident Evil 7 Trailer Welcomes You Home To The Grotty Baker Mansion


Capcom’s ratcheting up the hype for Resident Evil 7 in anticipation of its impending release, and what better way to do that than with a creepy new trailer?

Simply titled “Welcome Home,” the short teaser gives us a more intimate – than we’d perhaps like – look at the Baker Mansion and its rotting insides. The now-familiar voice of the Bakers’ patriarch narrates the tour, emphasizing the importance of having a family home to return to when you need it most. That’s a wonderful sentiment to have, but not if your house looks like this, Mr. Baker.

As if we needed any more confirmation at this point, the Baker clan clearly enjoys chowing down on human remains, with one shot of a grimy dining room table replacing normal food with the various severed limbs and organs of their unfortunate victims. Without a crystal ball, we can’t tell you how good Resident Evil 7 is going to be, but with each passing teaser, gameplay snippet and screenshot that Capcom provides, we can’t help but to get excited. The sequel to Resident Evil 6 marks a total overhaul of the series formula, and, for the first time since the classics, it looks genuinely unnerving.

You’ll be able to pick it up for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come January 24. If you own the latter console and PlayStation VR, you can brave the Baker Mansion in virtual reality, although it’s reportedly a “bit too scary,” according to certain members of Capcom. For those yet to secure their copy of Resident Evil 7 through pre-order, the developer is offering a free digital download of Resident Evil: Retribution through select retailers. See more about that here.

Source: GameSpot