Latest Beyond: Two Souls Developer Diary Focuses On The Gameplay

beyond two souls willem dafoe (3)

With its latest behind-the-scenes developer diary for the Ellen Page-heavy Beyond: Two Souls, developer Quantic Dream has focused on gameplay. As such, those who take the time to watch the interesting three and a half minute-long video can look forward to seeing (and hearing about) how main character Jodie interacts with her world, and how that relates to the player’s DualShock 3. Things look and sound relatively similar to Heavy Rain, and that’s certainly not a bad thing, though it’s said that the protagonist can run, shoot and even drive a motorcycle or ride a horse, with animations that can change based on her emotions.

In addition, we also learn more about the creative process behind the anticipated October release, including how play test teams were used to provide feedback on the controls and overall gameplay. That’s normal stuff when it comes to video game development, but it’s interesting to see behind-the-scenes of one of the industry’s most creative and unique development teams.

Beyond: Two Souls will launch on October 18.