Latest Trailer For Total War: Warhammer Gives Full Game Overview


If you’ve been asking yourself the question “what is Total War: Warhammer,” then you’ll definitely be keen to check out Sega’s latest trailer. The overview video provides a detailed insight into what makes the game special, offering glimpses of the campaign map, heroes and even the spells.

As a Total War game, this latest spinoff will make use of all of the typical campaign battling and resource management that’s been a staple of the series for so long. With the addition of the Warhammer brand, a deep history and detailed lore comes to the world for one of the most epic RTS experiences Sega have published.

Total War: Warhammer is essentially two games in one, according to developers Creative Assembly. You’ll lead your chosen race on the Grand Campaign map, managing an empire in matters of diplomacy, economy and military strength while also commanding great, customizable heroes with a wealth of options pertaining to skills, spells and personal quests.

You can also make friends in the game before choosing to stab them in the back to further your own diabolical or benevolent ends, if you so choose. All in all you’ll ultimately have to strike the balance between survival and conquest as you strive to expand your empire from the southern Badlands to the Northern Wastes.

Sega are bringing Total War: Warhammer to PC and Mac players next week when the RTS title releases on May 24.