Latest Trailer For Prey Reboot Reveals Female Protagonist


Bethesda has released a new (sort of) trailer for their upcoming Prey reboot today, making the surprise reveal that the sci-fi shooter will feature two different versions of the same protagonist.

We say this new footage is sort of new because, well, it’s the same trailer that was shown earlier this year at Gamescom, the only difference being that player character Morgan Yu is now female rather than male.

Currently in development at Arkane Austin, the video description confirms that, regardless of which gender you choose to play through the game as, it won’t “change the story or how you interact with the world – because Morgan Yu is Morgan Yu, and he or she will be defined by the choices you make.”

Having been in development hell for several years and then ultimately cancelled after Bethesda acquired the rights to the IP, the original game of the same name centred around Native American Tommy who, along with his girlfriend and grandfather, is abducted by a giant UFO who’s resident aren’t particularly friendly.

Neither a direct sequel or remake, Bethesda has billed this new Prey as a re-imagining of the original, and it sees Morgan stranded on a space station populated by hostile aliens.

Prey will release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.