Latest Trailers For Mortal Kombat X Spotlight The Shaolin Clan And Erron Black


With the release of Mortal Kombat X only a few weeks away, NetherRealm Studios has unveiled two new trailers for the title that spotlight a smattering of characters.

With his presence spoiled by a leak of the description of the optional Kombat Pack, Liu Kang has finally made his return in the first of the two clips. The Shaolin trailer, which can be seen above, reveals how both Mr. Kang and Kung Lao managed to bounce back from their fates in Mortal Kombat. The trailer also features new footage of series newcomer Kung Jin, as well as a bearded Sub-Zero and the returning, although unlikely playable, Bo Rai Cho.

While it doesn’t flesh out the storyline of Mortal Kombat X, the debut trailer for new fighter Erron Black is just as exciting. Wielding a pair of revolvers, Erron Black goes to town on Kung Jin in the clip, blasting away at him with quick strikes. While the gunslinger may lack some of the crazier appeal of his opponents, he looks to be another excellent addition to the franchise.

What surprises me most about these two trailers is not the fact that Mortal Kombat X continues to impress, but how much I’m looking forward to actually trying out Liu Kang. Despite his nature as one of the original stars of the franchise, the Shaolin monk has always been kind of the straight man to the more outlandish characters on the roster. However, with a new attitude and some seriously impressive combos, he now has a spark that has long been missing.

What do you think of the footage of Erron Black and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat X? Could they potentially become your new go-to fighters? Sound off below!