Latest Update For Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Imminent



343 Industries confirmed today that the latest update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection – billed as the most important to date – has entered the “final stages of testing” as it nears general release.

The studio made the announcement over on Halo Waypoint, and asked fans for patience as it ensures the stability and playability of the patch before rolling it out.

“As we announced previously, this content update includes fundamental changes to the aforementioned systems, and making and validating these changes requires substantial time beyond what was required for prior updates,” said 343 on Halo Waypoint.

“We’re happy with the progress on the next CU, with significant progress being made on big and small issues, and we’re being diligent in gameplay and stress testing to ensure that it is a meaningful update.”

It’s still unclear when 343 will specify a release date for the update in question, but we’ll keep you right up-to-date as we learn more.

In related news, the studio also touched upon the SWAT and Team Snipers map variants, which have been unavailable in the remastered version of Halo 3 due to a specific issue with the threequel. It’s understood a fix for this problem will be announced shortly.

Finally, Relic, a beloved multiplayer map from Halo 2, is still being retouched by the development team ahead of its release. To provide fans with a brief update, 343 included a piece of concept art (which you can check out below) with today’s status update.

Tell us, are you still encountering problems with Halo: The Master Chief Collection so long after release? Give us your thoughts below.


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