These XCOM: Enemy Unknown Community Videos Should Calm Some Of Your Reboot Fears

The upcoming reboot of the XCOM franchise is definitely a source of controversy for a few old school PC gamers, and I think those concerns are valid in this case. XCOM was a huge title for some of us growing up, and whenever a franchise gets rebooted, you never quite know how well it’s going to turn out. You could end up with a fantastic new journey that’s going to drag fans into the series and breathe new life into your favorite characters, or you could end up with Bomberman: Act Zero.

It seems that Firaxis is way ahead of us on the worrying front, as they’ve released two new community videos to put those fears to rest. Jake Soloman, lead designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, goes as far to say the first game was “formative,” and is largely responsible for him becoming a game developer. We still have a ways to go before we can see for ourselves, but this should make a few of us at least tentatively pacified.

Check out the videos for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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