Launch Trailer For Organic Panic Implores You To Play With Your Food


It has been a long time coming, but Last Limb are finally ready to unleash Organic Panic onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The platformer, which was funded through Kickstarter in 2013, will hit the PS4 on March 29, with the Xbox edition following on April 1.

A 2.5D platformer with destructible environments, Organic Panic centers on the feud between processed meats and cheeses against fruits and vegetables. Players take the side of the nutritious foods, with Kiwi, Carrot, Coconut and Cherry leading the charge against their unhealthy foes. It will be an uphill battle for the healthy foods, though, as their processed enemies are stocked to the gills with weaponry.

While the side of evil may hold the power, the heroes of Organic Panic have a few tricks up their sleeves. Kiwi, Carrot, Coconut and Cherry each have their own unique powers, including the ability to throw fireballs and shoot streams of water. These special skills help showcase the DAFT (Destructible and Fluid Technology) Engine powering the title. This engine gives every environment real world properties, which means that gamers can burn wooden platforms and melt ice blocks in order to clear levels.

In addition to the single-player mode, which features over 200 levels, there are also several multiplayer modes. Besides co-op play, there are also Swapzy, Morphy, Choosy and Timerun modes for you to engage with. There’s also a full Vs. mode, which features each of the four main characters, while also giving them new powers that are exclusive to the mode to mess around with.

We will have a full review of Organic Panic up later this week, so stay tuned!