Launch Trailer For Supermassive’s PS4 Horror Asks If You Can Survive Until Dawn


With Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn now available on PlayStation 4 and earning praise from across the industry, Sony has unveiled the eerie, blood-curdling launch trailer for the interactive horror experience that asks if you’re up for the test of surviving, well, until dawn.

Combining elements from the games of Telltale Games and Quantic Dream, Supermassive’s new IP pays homage to the horror genre – specifically shlock horror – by incorporating elements such as choice-based storytelling and branching narrative paths. With Telltale’s The Walking Dead, you may have felt your heartstrings plucked by having to choose the fate of certain characters, but Until Dawn takes that one step further by placing you in control of eight teenagers, and your actions will have a direct influence on who lives and who dies across this fateful night.


Taking place in a literal cabin in the woods, Supermassive has brought Until Dawn to life using the Umbra game engine, the same one that rendered the futuristic landscapes glimpsed in Guerrilla’s fellow PS4 exclusive, Killzone: Shadow Fall. From the scarlet, all-too-realistic blood splatter to the strikingly realistic facial animations, the studio’s interactive experience is certainly easy on the eyes – but perhaps not so much on the nerves.

Until Dawn is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more on Supermassive’s horror experience, be sure to check out our glowing review.

Eight friends trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone. Gripped by dread, with tensions running high, they must fight through their fear if they all hope to make through the night in one piece.

Play as each of the eight characters and experience fear like you never have before. Every decision you make in your terrifying search for answers could mean the difference between life and death, but for whom? Your actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn.