Launch Trailer For Alien: Isolation Lands In Time For Release


Because there haven’t been quite enough trailers released for Alien: Isolation just yet, Sega and Creative Assembly have given us an official launch trailer just in time for release tomorrow. Serving to hype up the much-anticipated title more than ever, this latest trailer gives a much longer look at the game while also shedding some light on several aspects of the story.

Since so much attention has been given to the Xenomorph and its incredibly advanced AI, it’s nice to see the trailer take the time to delve into some of the side characters and the environment of the Sevastopol, the ship that Amanda Ripley will be stranded on. Based on advanced reviews of Alien: Isolation, both the Sevastopol and Ripley will be sure to please fans of the franchise and may even be satisfying enough to officially become canonical.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of the #HowWillYouSurvive trailers that have been released throughout the past few weeks. In case you weren’t sure if you were going to die a lot throughout the game, you most definitely will. Luckily, those handfuls of trailers make sure to accentuate some of the more gruesome and unlucky deaths throughout the game, including impalement, broken necks, facial stomps, and bites to the face just to name a few.

The anticipation for tomorrow’s release is finally coming to an end, meaning that fans will finally be able to come to blows over whether Alien: Isolation is a worthy addition to the series’ canon or just another failed attempt at bringing the series to the world of gaming. Be sure to pick up your copy tomorrow for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC, and keep an eye on We Got This Covered for our official review of the title, which will be up within the next few days!