Layton Brothers Mystery Room Now Available For iOS


Developer Level-5 has published a whopping five entries in the hit DS and 3DS Professor Layton series, with the sixth already out in Japan. However, a new spinoff entry in the series has been both announced and released, but not on a Nintendo platform. For this new title, Layton Brothers Mystery Room, Level-5 has jumped ship to iOS, with the game available for newer iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad models.

Whereas Professor Layton is a mostly lighthearted series with each game’s story revolving around a series of brainteasers and logic puzzles, Mystery Room takes a decidedly darker turn, following Layton’s son, Alfendi, and his assistant, Lucy Baker, through a series of murder mysteries. Gameplay primarily revolves around investigating crime scenes, discovering clues, and interrogating suspects to discover the culprit, not dissimilar from the Ace Attorney series.

As a nice touch, the first two cases are available for free with the base game for download, with seven additional cases available for in-app purchase in two packs. A launch trailer for Layton Brothers Mystery Room is available for viewing below.

We will keep you updated with news regarding future entries in the Professor Layton series. In the meantime, feel free to post your comments on the spinoff’s announcement in the comments section below.