Lead System Architect Mark Cerny Talks PS4 Pro, Video Capture On New Hardware Capped At 1080p


Lead System Architect Mark Cerny dissects Sony’s thought process behind PS4 Pro in typically cool, calm fashion in this new video released by PlayStation Blog.

Pulled from yesterday’s PlayStation Meeting, the decorated developer touches on a variety of different questions and queries, including Pro’s technical innards, the adoption rate of 4K compatible TVs and, in particular, television sets that support HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Placing a big emphasis on graphical fidelity and improved visuals across the board, Cerny noted that “the new console is primarily targeted at higher fidelity graphics and smoother framerates. These are great areas to focus on because they don’t alter the fundamental gameplay. The creator’s vision is just represented in a richer fashion. Developer and publishers have also been quick to adopt the new platform.”

When pressed about the demand for 4K gaming and, specifically, the amount of 4K-compatible sets in the wild, the developer revealed that “a third of TV sets sold this year will be 4K, and HDR is a bit further out there in terms of adoption. But it’s great having the console out now because it means that these gameplay experiences will be ready and waiting as HDR penetration increases.”

In related news, Sony confirmed to Polygon that PS4 Pro will capture 4K screenshots, but users will be limited to 1080p, 30 frames-per-second when capturing video on the new system. It seems the mid-gen refresh won’t have much of an impact on the Share feature after all.

Priced at $399, PS4 Pro has been earmarked for release on November 10. Whether you’re fully on board with the new SKU or even if you’re harboring some doubts, the hardware unveiling certainly caused a stir within the PlayStation fanbase.

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