New Leader Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano Now Available For Halo Wars 2


The first piece of post-launch content for Halo Wars 2 is now available to download on Xbox One and Windows 10, 343 Industries has announced. Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano is a new leader for the UNSC faction and is included as part of the RTS sequel’s Season Pass or, if you don’t own that, the add-on can be purchased separately for $5.99.

Available to use in all multiplayer modes, Kinsano is a former rebel leader of the Outer Colonies that led a military campaign against the Unified Earth Government in an attempt to win independence for her native homeworld, although the fierce leader eventually ended up joining the UNSC in order to help in the war efforts against the Covenant. According to the character overview on Halo Waypoint, Kinsano is referred to as “Inferno” by her allies, which is likely in reference to her apparent love of fire.

Four new unit types and abilities are included as part of Kinsano’s specialist arsenal, including the Flame Warthog, Veteran Hellbringers and the Veteran Flame ‘Hog, a more powerful iteration of the standard all-terrain vehicle. Apparently not one to shy away from a battle, she can enter the fray in her own customized Cyclops, which comes equipped with dual flamethrowers and excels at bringing down enemy structures. Helldrop, Hellcharge, Napalm Missiles and Inferno round out Kinsano’s suite of abilities, all of which have a fiery impact on the battlefield. To see them in action, check out the launch trailer above.

Kinsano is the first of many new content add-ons in the works for Halo Wars 2, with new content planned every month for the foreseeable future, including more leaders and campaign missions. If you’ve yet to try out one of the best RTS experiences currently available on console, you find our review here.