League Of Legends Releases Ashe Champion Spotlight


As the final day of the League of Legends Freljord event comes to a close, Riot Games has decided to release a Champion Spotlight of Ashe, leader of the Avarosan Freljord tribe. The spotlight demonstrates Ashe’s abilities, tips and tricks, and preferred ability: rune and mastery builds.

Now, Ashe is the oldest of the Freljord champions, released in February 2009, to be featured in the event and the only one to have not received some type of rework or be a new release. She is one of the least expensive champions in the game, is generally recommended to newer players and is already thoroughly understood by any player with a moderate amount of playtime. This being said, the release of a spotlight for Ashe at this time is relatively unnecessary.

Ashe is an attack damage carry, meaning that her main role is to build high amounts of physical damage and attack the enemy from afar. In addition to dealing damage, she also has a good amount of utility with abilities that reveal fog-of-war and slow or stun enemies. The tradeoff for possessing both high damage and utility is a complete lack of any escape mechanism and low hit points.

Feedback from the League of Legends community suggests that Riot Games should have at least provided Ashe with some updates or changes before creating a spotlight for her. Compared with newer champions that fill the same role, she is at least slightly underpowered and her passive ability is considered almost worthless. However, there has been no announcement by Riot Games about any upcoming changes to Ashe.

The spotlight can be viewed below.

With the Freljord event ending, today is the last day to obtain one of the three tribal icons: Avarosan, Winter’s Claw or Frostguard. In order to permanently obtain the tribal icon players must declare their allegiance to Ashe, Sejuani or Lissandra and win 10 games without changing their summoner icon.