[UPDATED] Leak Suggests Fallout 4 Will Be Titled Fallout: Shadow Of Boston


UPDATE: Bethesda has confirmed that this leak is yet another hoax. The company tweeted, “The German trademark filing that’s making the rounds is a hoax. This didn’t come from our offices.”

The mountain of evidence for Boston to be the setting for Fallout 4 continues to grow today, after a NeoGaf user spotted that Bethesda registered a trademark for Fallout: Shadow of Boston at the end of October.


Covering video games as well as “auditioning for TV game shows,” the purported filing was sent off to the German Patent and Trademark office, and though it doesn’t out and out confirm the long-gestating rumours, it certainly lends credence to Boston becoming the setting for a future iteration of Fallout — be it Fallout 4 or a spinoff television series.

That’s because, back in January of last year, Bethesda Softworks filed another trademark application that was in relation to a Fallout-themed show, one which would become an “ongoing television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.”

Of course, we’ve yet to hear any confirmation of that ancillary show, but it is looking increasingly more likely that Bethesda is gearing up to officially reveal a shrewd of information pertaining to Fallout 4.

Leaks from February also pointed to the next installment in the post-apocalyptic title being situated in Boston, and that the publisher was seeking voice actors to commit to the project. Such a rumour also pinned Fallout 4 for a release in 2017 which would mean that, even though we haven’t heard diddly squat about the in-development sequel for what feels like eternity, it could be some time yet before the company choose to officially unveil it.

Nevertheless, that can’t stop us from speculating. So, tell us, do you think Fallout: Shadow of Boston will become a reality?

Source: NeoGaf