Leaked Dark Souls III Image Reveals Early 2016 Release Date


In the wake of a massive leak over the weekend, IGN has obtained a piece of promo artwork that indicates Dark Souls III will in fact be announced in the coming days. The image, which can be seen above, allegedly comes from the game’s upcoming E3 showing.

Previous leaks had let slip that Dark Souls III was to be officially revealed during E3 next week, and that it would be headed to current-gen consoles and PC. As of now, Bandai Namco has yet to comment on the leaks, but it would be surprising if they didn’t issue a brief statement at least responding to all of the unearthed information.

While I’m not totally opposed to a third game in the series, I do question the tactic of serializing the brutally difficult franchise. I know that From Software’s series only increased in popularity over the last year, specifically due to the excellent combination of Dark Souls II and Bloodborne, but I’m not sure that the formula is one that necessarily lends itself to being milked year after year. If the demand is there, though, I suppose nothing is stopping the studio from churning the games out.

With E3 2015 set to commence next week, tell us, are you looking forward to hearing more about Dark Souls III? Sound off below!

Source: Destructoid