Leaked EA Document Reveals Faith Will Return In 2016 For Mirror’s Edge 2


DICE may have had lowly expectations for the original Mirror’s Edge back in 2008, but it wasn’t long before the first-person parkour title carved out a niche audience to call its own, and so the rallying for a sequel began. However, both the studio and EA have been quietly tinkering on the nascent follow-up, and since the reveal trailer caught the collective of the franchise’s ardent fanbase, all has been quiet on the Mirror’s Edge 2 front. That is, until now.

According to a leaked EA document, DICE’s long-awaited sequel has been slated for a release in Q4 2016 – i.e. the first three months of the year.

Triple-A titles have a poor track record when it comes to sticking to their original release windows, with delays and last-minute postponements becoming all the more common with each passing month. As such, it’s worth tacking the tentative launch dates below with a pinch of salt. With that said, here’s the document in question.


Mirror’s Edge 2 isn’t the only title of note here; aside from the inevitable onslaught of sports titles, EA has listed a new installment in the Need for Speed series as well as Plants vs. Zombies. The former franchise looks set to return after a brief hiatus, after the publisher chose to forgo a new title in 2014 in order to engineer a truly bleeding-edge Need for Speed racer.

As for PvZ, the cartoonish franchise remains a sales juggernaut for EA, and news of a new installment is hardly surprising. Whether it will be another third-person shooter in the vein of Garden Warfare remains to be seen, but we’ll likely learn more about this line-up during E3 next month. In related news, EA isn’t planning to unleash Titanfall 2 until the end of 2016, or possibly 2016.

As things stand, Faith will be jumping from building to building once again in the early stages of 2016, but are you excited about Mirror’s Edge 2?