Leaked Forza Motorsport 6 Details Point To Huge Car Roster, Night Racing And Drivatars


Welcome to the week before E3; a time when the video game industry is effectively in overdrive, serving up enticing rumors, rampant speculation and, to a lesser extent, the odd genuine leak. According to Microsoft Japan, the company’s Asian arm may have fallen foul to the latter trope, after a bevy of information appeared online relating to upcoming racing sequel Forza Motorsport 6.

While the site in question has already been pulled, both Reddit and Destructoid managed to salvage a handful of tantalizing details about Turn 10’s in-development simulator, which will purportedly feature a staggering 450 cars, nighttime racing and no less than 26 “world famous” tracks. Not only that, but the report suggests that Drivatars will return, lending AI opponents a degree of personality much like previous entries in the long-running series.

Beyond taking down the Japanese listing, Microsoft is yet to release a statement about whether these Forza Motorsport 6 features are indeed accurate. Granted, the publisher is unlikely to undercut the game’s E3 presence by unveiling details ahead of time, meaning we’ll have to wait patiently until the company’s conference on June 15 to learn more.

Microsoft Japan’s leak is just one of a number of untimely reveals in the build-up to this year’s trade show, with potential screenshots for Dark Souls III surfacing over the weekend. As always, we’d advise taking this array of preemptive info with a grain of salt, but the fact that the source is Microsoft’s Japanese arm does lend credence to the gameplay mechanics proving to be true.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll have all the details relating to Forza Motorsport 6 and Microsoft’s E3 showcase as a whole on June 15.