More Leaked Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Shows Captain America In Action

Marvel's Avengers

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Square Enix was seriously rethinking its PR strategy for Marvel’s Avengers. Ever since the publisher revealed Crystal Dynamics’ ambitious project to the world last month, nothing but leaks have followed in its wake. Still, in the absence of any official footage being released more than a month on from E3’s conclusion, that’s hardly surprising, is it? This is a Marvel IP we’re talking about, after all, and it concerns the most recognized and popular superhero team, no less.

Fans around the world are quite rightly eager to see, hear and learn more of next year’s anticipated action-adventure, so much so, that any and all tactics are being employed to catch a glimpse of gameplay. Thanks to such persistent efforts from unknown individuals, we’ve already born witness to the entire Avengers team in action, each and every one of which looks a treat to play as. Iron Man’s aerial superiority, Thor’s skull-cracking hammer, Hulk’s bruising fists, we’ve seen everything. Well, almost, at least.

Captain America has been the subject of leaks already but not until now, have we seen the supersoldier utilize his star-spangled shield in battle. Check out the clip below, courtesy of Reddit user ItIsABear.

A short clip showing off Cap’s shield throwing from MarvelAvengersProject

Sleek-looking as one would expect, then, but perhaps of note more than Cappy’s animations is the glow encapsulating his shield. It’s not immediately clear what purpose it serves, though I imagine it be some form of visual indicator meant to tell players when it can be thrown. Oh, and before we forget, ItIsABear also has some new gameplay of Iron Man to share. Cast your eyes downward for that.

A short gif showing off Iron Man’s melee attacks from MarvelAvengersProject

As usual, these latest Marvel’s Avengers leaks don’t fail to excite and we can’t wait until the time finally arrives when Square decides to release an official gameplay trailer. When will that be, you ask? As per a recent behind-closed-doors showing at San Diego Comic-Con, sometime after next month’s Gamescom is when you’ll want to be on the lookout for further news. We’ll keep you posted.