Leaked Online Listing Potentially Outs Two Dark Souls III Special Editions



If a leaked online listing is to be believed, FromSoftware could be aiming to take a significant chunk of change from gamer’s pockets when Dark Souls III launches next year. According to United Arab Emirates retailer Geekay Games, two different special editions of the upcoming title could launch alongside the standard release.

While nothing official has been confirmed, according to the online listing, there will be both a Collector’s Edition and Premium Edition of Dark Souls III. Helping fuel speculation is the fact that two images, one for each edition, popped up alongside the listing. Both editions of the title would released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and should be available at launch, which according to Geekay Games, is April 12th, 2016.

Special releases for video games typically carry a steep cost, and these two are no different. Priced at AED $499 ($135 U.S.), the Collector’s Edition of the title is the cheaper of the two. The release looks like it will come with a 25cm Red Knight figure, hardcover artbook, official soundtrack, collector’s box, cloth map, three iron-on patches and a metal case for the game itself.

If $135 seems too cheap, perhaps the higher priced Premium Edition might be more to your liking. Currently listed at AED $1,799 ($489), there really isn’t a ton of difference between this version of Dark Souls III and the other special edition. The Premium Edition comes packed with all of the goodies from the Collector’s Edition, but instead of a Red Knight figurine, you’ll instead get a 40cm Lord of Cinder figure.

The extravagant costs may be a little troubling, but I have a good feeling that both the Collector’s Edition and Premium Edition won’t cost that much when they release. I’m sure there are hardcore fans of the franchise that would be willing to drop $400+ on Dark Souls III, but this type of pricing would be unprecedented for a single special edition release.

We will continue to have coverage of Dark Souls III in the lead-up to its April 2016 release, so be sure to stay tuned.

Source: GameSpot

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