Leaked Picture Shows Kinect 2 Capabilities

Owning a Dev Kit for the New Xbox Durango (which we are praying is a code name that will disappear on launch) must be an awesome thing. Just ask Twitter user DaE who recently leaked the above image which is supposedly, of the Kinect 2, showing a camera’s eye view of the capabilities of the new hardware to awesome effect.

We can see in the image that the new Kinect 2 can track better depth of field, with individual fingers shown against clothing. Of course, it also has the ability to track more than one person at a time to reasonable effect, and with better resolution than its predecessor.

Whilst specifically avoiding calling the image legit, Eurogamer claims that it can vouch for the fact that DaE is a known Durango Dev Kit holder. So this would seem to be genuine.

The original Kinect hardly set the gaming world ablaze, with some truly terrible titles to its name, but it shifted a lot of units as a result of the promising nature of the technology. It’s fair to say that Microsoft could do with a stronger showing in the motion controller for the next generation of hardware and perhaps the boffins at Redmond have come up with that here.

Now we just have to hope that they come up with some decent game titles to go with it…..

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