Leaked Shots Of Rockstar’s Agent Appear Online

Rockstar Agent

Remember back in 2009 when Rockstar announced that they were working on a mysterious espionage-based PS3 exclusive called Agent? Perhaps not, given that they have hardly been forthcoming with information about the game. However, it is still out there under sheets and tarpaulins at Rockstar HQ, and yesterday some new shots of the game found their way online.

Uncovered by a Reddit user, a batch of images were posted online by someone claiming to have worked on the game’s early development during 2010 and 2011, before this work was postponed to push all hands to the pump for GTA V. You can see a selection of the images below, or find the full set right here.

The images – that look a lot like screenshots of the game’s scenery – do appear a little dated, but that’s hardly surprising since they are supposedly from the game’s early years and were likely developed with the same engines as GTA. Nevertheless, it is interesting to get a look at just where Rockstar may be planning to set their mysterious spy thriller.

The patent for Agent was renewed back in 2013, meaning Rockstar are clearly still planning on doing something with the title. As ever, time will have to tell just when we’ll get to hear any more on this enigma of a game.