New Trailer For The Last Of Us: Left Behind Delves Into Ellie’s Past

the last of us left behind dlc

As the first DLC for our 2013 Game Of The Year pick approaches, Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for The Last Of Us: Left Behind that goes deeper into the relationship between Ellie and her old friend Riley.

Giving a gamers a look at Ellie’s life prior to the events of The Last of Us, Left Behind will explore her friendship with Riley and how that will go on to effect her relationship with Joel. The first clip comes from the add-on’s opening cinematic and possibly sets the seeds for how Ellie ends up with the Firefly organization.


The second clip features interviews with Ashley Johnson and Yaani King, who voice Ellie and Riley, respectively, as well as some new gameplay features. Naughty Dog game designers Anthony Newman and Jacob Minkoff are also on hand to talk about the addition of “multi-faction combat,” which will allow gamers to pit human enemies and clickers against each other in order to survive.


As someone who really enjoyed The Last Of Us, I’m looking forward to playing through Left Behind, even if we kind of know how things end up. While I’m eager to explore Ellie’s past and her relationship with Riley, I’m perhaps most looking forward to seeing how the DLC is going to play. The main game relies on stealth, but as Joel, you can also bust people up if you have to. However, as two children, that option is most likely not going to be open, so I’m predicting a much tougher campaign for Left Behind.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind will be releasing on February 14th exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Tell us, are you interested into getting a look into Ellie’s past and her relationship with Riley? Let us know in the comments section below.