The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Has Two Colourful Gameplay Trailers

Big news! New gameplay videos for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword have hit the net, thanks to the folks at Nintendo in Japan.

There are two videos here for your perusal, which take the form of relatively brief gameplay trailers. Each is in Japanese, though subtitles are available for those of us who don’t speak that tongue. The colourful gameplay shown within each video tends to speak for itself, however.

This first video follows Link as he goes on a swimming expedition through Lake Floria, on his way to meet a Great Spirit. While watching Link swim through the lake’s crystal clear blue water, you’ll notice some motion-based gesture prompts and incredibly colourful visuals. There certainly seems to be no lack of colour in the series’ latest epic, which is not a bad thing in my books. It looks great.

Secondly, we have what seems to be footage of one of the game’s dungeons. Featuring some interesting architecture, lilly pad hopping and water-based travel, it looks quite interesting and unique. Then, things cap off with a brief glimpse of a foreboding metallic boss, who seems well-equipped to apply for his surgeon’s license.

Colour me impressed. Like just about every other fan of The Legend of Zelda, I cannot wait for November 20th to come. Skyward Sword cannot get here quick enough.