Lego Dimensions Teases Mad Mash-Ups In New Doctors Trailer


It may have been four months since Lego Dimensions first released across multiple platforms, but that doesn’t mean the marketing machine is ready to slow down just yet. In a brand new trailer, the Traveller’s Tales team have put together a short teaser of the kind of chaotic fun that can be had when you combine sets within the game.

The aptly named ‘Doctors’ trailer features Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters, Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and The Doctor from the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Each of them arrive at an intersection and attempt to let the others pass before them, but when frustration gets the better of them they end up embroiled in a crash that leaves them all rolling about in scattered Lego bricks.

While Dr. Venkman and The Doctor both feature in basic levels with the Lego Dimensions starter pack, their adventures are fairly limited and Doc Brown doesn’t appear at all outside of the Back To The Future expansion.

It seems that Traveller’s Tales are extremely keen to continue pushing the customisable products as its first half-year period on the market comes to a close, so expect to see more in the way of Lego Dimensions trailers before too long.