LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Shows Off Open Worlds In New Trailer


A brand new trailer for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers has debuted today and it shows off a number of the ties that the game will have to the events of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The trailer also reveals just how much freedom will be on offer across multiple regions as the game progresses.

The opening mirrors a number of the iconic shots and scenes from the first two Avengers movies, including the epic moment in which all six of the current members lurch forward in a combined assault. The footage then goes on to show how the game’s story will centre around these events and challenges, while adding LEGO’s trademark comedic twist, of course.

The open worlds in the trailer will see players operating in the familiar movie locations from Asgard to Sokovia. Each one looks to be fully interactive, allowing you to focus on the game’s major plot points or opt for a more casual approach by taking on some less threatening enemies as you fight to keep the peace.

Telltale’s LEGO Marvel’s Avengers releases on January 26th, and you can assemble all of your favourite heroes across all major platforms.