A Lengthy Video Introduction To Borderlands 2 And Its Version Of Pandora

Pandora is a rather exotic place, filled with interesting citizens and creative enemies, who can be categorized as being outlandish, mechanical, surreal or organically-inspired. Combined, those unique factors helped us fall in love with the exploratory aspects found in Gearbox Software’s Borderlands and, from the looks of things, they’ll appear in its sequel in spades.

This morning, Gearbox released a brand new, seven minute-long trailer, which is meant to act as an introduction for those who plan to play through Borderlands 2. It talks character classes, locations, questing and enemies. As a result, interested parties who wish to go in without knowing too much about the game should maybe take a pass on it.

Borderlands 2 will be released on September 18 – a day that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.


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