New Leon Gameplay Shown In Resident Evil 6 Clip

So, you know how it’s illegal to say you intend on killing the President? According to the rules of Resident Evil 6, it’s an OK thing to do just as long as the President happens to be a zombie who is about to munch on your friend’s brains.

And who better to kill the zombie President than Leon Kennedy, our favorite hero from classics Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4? Check out the new video below to watch Mister Kennedy take care of the head honcho, as well as a few minutes of new gameplay. Although no action is seen, the sequence does a good job of establishing the tense atmosphere and new toys that our heroes will be able to play with, along with a nice little cameo from Hunnigan.

Resident Evil 6 also looks beautiful by the way. Check out that ballroom that was set up for a banquet, especially when the lightning strikes, and tell me it didn’t give you chills.