Here’s How To Level Up Fast In Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier


It might have arrived a little later than many had hoped, but Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass is now available in-game, bringing with it a series of exclusive cosmetic rewards for players to earn. Character and weapon skins, badges, banners and stat trackers are all up for grabs during Wild Frontier, and while certain items on offer have left some fans feeling disappointed, there’s still plent reason to keep ranking up. In order to get hold of every item on offer during the course of the season, players will need to reach rank 100 with the Battle Pass’ premium version, whereupon the lavish evolving weapon skin for the Havoc Rifle will be awarded.

It’s a relatively straightforward progression model then, but in the absence of a challenge system similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite, pushing through the ranks can often-times feel unnecessarily grind-y. As different activities award varying quantities of experience, players have already taken to working out the most efficient methods of reaching the rank 100 end goal. Reddit user Spartun is one such valuable community member who has sunk considerable time into figuring out said most efficient methods and has been kind enough to share a handy table to help others through the grind.

Check it out below:

As the table points out, the most consistent means of raking in experience is simply through surviving as long as possible in each match. 3 experience points are awarded for every second you spend standing, with each Legend having a hard cap of 25k. Those with a large pool of friends to draw from can also take advantage of an additional 0.15 bonus per second. The latter figure might seem small, but it’ll certainly add up over time.

Outside of the above, the largest experience awards unsurprisingly are awarded to the top performing players of any given match, with top 3 finishes awarding 300 and an outright win 900. There’s no way of guaranteeing a win, of course, so you’re better off treating them as bonus points in addition to those earned from surviving.

Whichever way you spin it, reaching the end of Apex Legends‘ initial Battle Pass will take a minimum of 100 hours dedicated play, though the above table should hopefully make the quest a more bearable one. We wish you luck out there, in Kings Canyon!

Source: Reddit

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