Life Is Strange Episode 4 Dated For Next Week As Series Surpasses One Million Sales


As the time-bending plot begins to thicken, fans of Dontnod’s acclaimed episodic series are chomping at the bit for new content. Thankfully, following the successful launch of Chaos Theory at the tail-end of May, the studio is now primed to release Life is Strange episode 4 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Announced today via an all-new trailer, the penultimate installment in the series will arrive for all platforms on Tuesday, July 28, and will see the events in Arcadia Bay take a turn for the worst. For those yet to catch up with the story, we’d strongly advise against watching the footage embedded above.


Side-stepping any potential spoilers for the time being, publisher Square Enix also confirmed that Life is Strange has now sold one million copies across the three installments currently available, which is a remarkable achievement considering the small team and the fact that this is a whole new IP. And though episode 4 (entitled Darktown) remains a priority for Dontnod – not to mention the eventual fifth and final chapter – the studio has expressed an interest in carrying on the story with a second season.

What this means for Max and Chloe is still up for question, though given how well the pair have resonated with fans of the teen-centric drama, it would be surprising if Dontnod opted to go for a hard reset for its sophomore effort.

Life is Strange will continue the story of Max and Chloe with episode 4, Darkroom, next week across multiple platforms. To get a taste of the time-bending action ahead of time, you can check out the spoiler-filled synopsis down below.

In Episode 4, Max pushes the investigation surrounding the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the strange happenings in Arcadia Bay into unexplored and daunting territory. As the End of the World party approaches, Max must use her powers to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place.

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