Life Is Strange Developers Detail The Game’s Butterfly Effect


Although Life is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield seems like a typical, everyday teenager, there’s more to her than you’d expect. In fact, in addition to being a photographer, our heroine also has the ability to manipulate time. To be more specific, she can rewind the fabric of space and time as she sees fit, in order to revisit and alter past experiences.

Through a brand new developer diary — which, itself, is almost 9 minutes in length — DONTNOD Entertainment has taken the time to go into detail about a mechanic that it’s dubbed the Butterfly Effect. One that, despite its rather unoriginal name, is looking like it could end up being a game changer that will set the title apart from its episodic contemporaries.

If you have interest in this potentially awesome game, check out the embedded video diary. It’ll give you a wealth of interesting information, as well as some time to wrap your head around Life is Strange and its time-bending mechanic before it sees the light of day.

Look for Life is Strange – Episode One on January 30th, which is when the first of five planned segments will hit Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Steam for PC.

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