Limbo and Inside Developer Playdead Is Already Working On A New Game

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Inside and Limbo developer Playdead is already hard at work on a brand new title, as has been confirmed on the studio’s Twitter. Having struck gold twice already with both aforementioned games, it’ll be interesting to see whether Playdead can concoct a winning formula for the third time running, whatever it turns out to be.

According to VG247, the mystery title has been in development since work on Inside wrapped up, with a lone image (below), appearing to show an individual in an astronaut suit with a spent parachute in tow. The night’s sky is dominated by some sort of debris, perhaps a piece of wreckage originating from the craft our mystery character escaped from?

Playdead may have seen fit to already start teasing its next project, but don’t expect it to show up in a playable form anytime soon – the gap between Limbo and Inside was a lengthy six years, and we certainly wouldn’t want them to rush whatever it has planned.

Having started life back in 2006, Playdead’s debut game – Limbo – went on to become one the most well-received and praised indie titles of all-time, lauded for its minimalist visual style and muted story of a nameless boy who has to survive endless trials and tribulations in order to escape its nightmarish world. Inside continued many of its predecessor’s themes, although we won’t spoil the story – you need to experience it for yourselves.

It’s clearly still early days, so don’t expect Playdead to reveal exactly what’s going on behind the scenes just yet, but assuming its next game continues to build on what’s come before, expect something truly special to come off the production line in the future.