LIMBO Now Available For The PS Vita


Three years ago this summer, a small, independent developer by the name of Playdead released their debut title, which went on to become a classic. A black and white title with no music, mute characters and no story given to the player, LIMBO went on to become a huge success, causing critics and gamers alike to fall in love with the little indie game that could.

For those who missed it the first time around (somehow), and also happen to have a Vita looking for love, you’ll be happy to hear that Playdead has released a port of the title for the handheld console.

Although the price seems a bit steep at $14.99, LIMBO supports cross-buy, so you can have a version for home and one for when you’re on the run. A puzzle game at heart, LIMBO is full of memorable moments, ranging from spider chases to insidious hints at just what’s going on.

Don’t let the depressing tone and short completion time turn you away from one of the best indie games to get released in the past few years. If you managed to miss out on its original run or just want to relive the crushing, depressing atmosphere, then be sure to pick up LIMBO on your Vita. We will have our own review of the game posted soon, so keep an eye out for that as well!