There’s A Limited Edition Crackdown 3 Controller, But You Can’t Buy It


Planning to snap up Crackdown 3 on launch day next year? How about playing it with this fancy limited edition controller to celebrate its release? That is, if you’re even lucky enough to get hold of one – this particular gamepad won’t be sold in shops.

Just a “small, limited batch” of the controller are to be made and will only be given out to lucky winners of various competitions to be held on the game’s official website and Twitter page. No doubt you’ve probably spotted that ‘Gamertag’ text; all winners of the controller will have their own Xbox alias inscribed in place of the place-holder text in the image above.

Crackdown 3‘s art director Dave Johnson revealed the origins of the exclusive peripheral in the announcement.

This collectible controller features a lot of the shapes and design inspiration from the Crackdown 3 Agency logo. We unveiled the redesigned version of the Crackdown logo at gamescom this year – it builds out of the darkness at the end of our First Look trailer. The logo doubles as the badge of the Agency, and we worked to retain that iconic design while updating it to match the bold new direction we’re taking the franchise.

Crackdown 3 arrives on Xbox One in 2016, and there’s a multiplayer beta headed our way at some point in the summer, too. No exact date has been given for that just yet, but stay tuned as we’ll be sure to keep you posted.