Limited Edition Fortnite X Batman Comic Series Revealed, Includes Exclusive Skins

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Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has today announced a new partnership with DC to produce a series of limited edition comics starring characters from the worlds of Fortnite and Batman.

First leaked prior to the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 6 in the aforementioned battle royale last month, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will be a mini-arc revolving around explaining how Gotham’s Dark Knight ultimately wound up on Apollo Island and his attempts to “make sense of this strange new world.” According to the official plot description, the Caped Crusader will uncover secrets of Fortnite‘s world never before revealed in-game in an adventure set to unfold over six issues. The first of these will be available at participating stores digitally from April 20th, with a new installment arriving on a monthly basis before concluding on July 6th.

Those that missed the original leak can check out some cover art and several variants (some of which will be extremely limited in availability) in the gallery below.

It’s worth noting, of course, that due to its nature as a tie-in product, Epic Games has seen fit to include codes for a couple of neat in-game cosmetic items with each issue of Zero Point. While the developer has yet to reveal what exactly most of those will be, it does confirm that the debut release will come with a key redeemable for Harley Quinn’s Rebirth outfit. In addition to this, collecting all six wardrobe additions will unlock an additional reward in the form of an Armored Batman Zero skin.

For folks who prefer to read their comics on a screen instead of paper, be aware that only copies purchased through a DC Universe Infinite (US only) subscription will include the sought-after codes and that third-party outlets (e.g. Comixology) won’t contain them. As for those who live outside of the States and have no access to physical, Epic says that everything will eventually go on sale in Fortnite‘s digital storefront for V-Bucks at a later date.