Lindsay Lohan Files Lawsuit Against Rockstar Games



There are some people out there in Hollywood that have totally hit rock bottom, and then there’s Lindsay Lohan. Seriously, this woman is completely off her rocker, and just when you think her moment in the spotlight of celebrity destruction has subsided, she hits the world with another bombshell of stupidity.

The actress is now stating that Rockstar North stole her likeliness without permission for the Lacey Jonas side character in Grand Theft Auto V; everything from an identical voice to a self-destructive lifestyle involving drugs, constant paparazzi coverage, anorexia, and more.

Instead of speculating on whether Rockstar did intentionally borrow her likeliness without permission, I’m going to touch upon the real issue; this lawsuit will go absolutely nowhere. Grand Theft Auto games have spoofed nearly everyone under the sun. There is literally an NPC character model of Kanye West that you can send flying halfway across San Andreas with a rocket to the ass, and even he didn’t care.

This is nothing more than Lindsay Lohan trying to stay relevant as a celebrity, as no one gives two s**** about her anymore. Instead of playing the blame game and filing lawsuits against video game corporations – that may or may not have indulged in some harmless parodying of her social status as a celebrity – she should be trying to get her life back on track before reaching an early grave. She won’t though, because it’s easier to blame people, and bitch and moan your way back into relevancy.

That’s not going to work this time though; Lindsay Lohan’s life is kind of like that train-wreck sequence towards the end of the The Lone Ranger. It just never ends. The lawsuit will go nowhere, so let’s just sit back, point our fingers at Lindsay Lohan and laugh some more. While I’m at it, I’ll also pop Grand Theft Auto V back into my PlayStation 3 and fill Lacey Jonas full of bullets for amusement.

Source: Joystiq