If You Want Link’s Scarf, Buy This Hyrule Warriors Bundle


You may have noticed something strange about the box art for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Hyrule Warriors. No, it’s not the lack of “Zelda” in the title, nor is it Link’s harsh expression or the plethora of characters on the cover. Still guessing? Look what Link is wearing. He’s wearing a scarf. Yes. A scarf. Hey, it’s not my job to tell you how to react. I’m just pointing it out.

If your first thought the moment you laid eyes on Link’s trendy neckwear was “I must have it,” then you’re in luck. The Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center is selling an exclusive limited edition bundle, and that bundle will net you the game, an awesome art-covered box, and yes, Link’s scarf. Folks say it can warm the icy pit of your soul and chase away your fears, but that’s just a rumor I heard.

The bundle itself was announced via the World Store’s Twitter account earlier today, and though it was clearly a proud announcement, there is one slight downside. The bundle will not be made available for pre-order. As such, you’re going to have to wait in line like everyone else (will Triforce Johnson be in attendance?) if the limited edition means that much to you.

Lucky for non-US fans, Hyrule Warriors‘ limited edition is available for pre-order for about £49.99, which is an absolute steal considering the lifelong joy a scarf can provide. I already missed my chance to get a scarf at PAX, so I guess my only option is a road trip to New York. Better start packing.