Lionhead Currently Has No Plans For Fable 4; Fable Legends Will Remain Priority “For Foreseeable Future”


Lionhead Studios has reiterated that Fable 4 is yet to enter active development, with the British studio allocating all available resources to shepherd upcoming free-to-play spinoff Fable Legends to release.

Taking to Twitter, Lionhead confirmed that Legends will remain a priority for the creative “for the foreseeable future,” indicating that a fourth mainline chapter in the core series is still a ways away from release.

Ever since Legends was formally unveiled back in 2013, Lionhead has continually denied that a core installment in the studio’s beloved RPG series exists, and that it has no plans currently to release a direct sequel to Fable 3.

Adopting an asynchronous multiplayer set-up not dissimilar from Turtle Rock’s Evolve, Fable Legends is a four-versus-one game that pits four characters against a player-controlled villain. There’s been nary a mention of the title in recent months, though it has been slated to launch for Xbox One and PC in the latter stages of 2015 – but 2016 seems more likely at this point.

In the case of Fable Legends, the free-to-play offshoot has been in active beta for the better part of a year, though the studio is yet to nail down an exact release date. Tell us, are you hopeful for Fable 4?

Source: Twitter