LittleBigPlanet 2: Turns Out That Everyone Is Making Games For You

Mr. Mark Valledor, one of Sony’s marketing dudes, has thanked fans of LBP2 for creating and uploading a staggering 3.6 million levels for every LPB2 owner to try out. This figure probably includes the LBP1 compatible levels from before, but this is still a very impressive number.

I am slowly navigating my way through the game myself (when I get time), but I’m struggling to process the scale of this game.

Sony have been pulling world record stunts with the help of LBP2 and they’re selling the game very successfully. Many are claiming that LBP2 provides the best value for your money, ever. Admittedly not all of the levels that people upload are going to be particularly great, but that still barely scratches the epic proportions of Media Molecules masterpiece.

Via the PS Blog, Mark Valledor said “A big THANK YOU for helping us reach 3.6 million levels online,” he said. “It’s astonishing to see so many levels made for fun, and even levels created for contests”.

Oh and don’t forgot that PS Move update rapidly approaching…