Loadout’s Update 2.0 Domination Brings More Chaos To The Arena


Edge of Reality’s insane free-to-play shooter, Loadout has received Update 2.0 Domination, which brings even more ways to enjoy the game’s frenetic arena action. Gamers will receive a wealth of varied content that ranges from entirely new weapons and items to a brand new game mode and map.

Domination will sound familiar to any Call of Duty addicts, as it thrusts players into the chaos of capturing and defending various control points. The newest map, Spires, adds a dusty canyon into the map cycle. It may not be the most lively color palette, but that’s something that can easily be fixed with a few well-placed rounds.

If you’ve been craving a new piece of equipment, then the Deployable Shield is a worthy candidate to join your arsenal. Deploying the shield at key choke points, and unleashing bullet hell into my foolish enemies, will certainly create a variety of engaging stand-off situations in combat.

Loadout’s latest update also manages to tinker with the balance of the game’s weapons while providing a variety of general bug fixes. Expect these to improve the overall stability of gameplay and ease you into matches with better matchmaking. If that isn’t enough, then the join-a-game feature will certainly give you the added incentive to jump back in with friends and enjoy some reduced lobby wait times.

Be sure to check back for more of the latest information on Loadout, as Edge of Reality continues its post-launch support.