Logitech G Is The Official Sponsor Of League Of Legends Season Three Championship Series


Logitech G will officially be sponsoring the League of Legends Championship Series for the second year in a row. League of Legends is unquestionably one of the top eSports titles around and still has the largest player base of any MOBA, which makes them a great target for marketing and rewards companies who put in an effort to create custom software or hardware to promote better gameplay.

“Our fans love Logitech’s gaming accessories, and we’re excited to have them back as a sponsor this year,” said Dustin Beck, VP of eSports for Riot Games. “Plus, they have great rapport with the gaming community, which makes our partnership with them a natural fit.”

For Logitech G, sponsoring a company or an event isn’t simply promoting a product, it’s also about finding ways to improve and implement current hardware into the integral parts of gameplay. Some of the new features included in Logitech G hardware are as follows: G-keys are now selectable as bindable keys directly into the game interface, the multi-color LED lighting in the G510s and G19s keyboards can be set to switch to indicate team color, and the GamePanel LCD on the G510s and G19s now display continuously updated stats that weren’t previously available.

While a majority of these features aren’t necessary, and mostly cosmetic, it’s nice to see a company do more than simply print a logo on a product and call it good. Don’t expect any of these new capabilities to drastically increase your skill level or improve your KDR, but they will provide a new level of convenience that wasn’t there before.

Logitech G sure seems excited for the League of Legends Season Three Championship Series, and to continue working with Riot Games, so let’s hope they can deliver.

Source: Logitech