Long-Gestating Wii U Actioner Devil’s Third Drops August 28


It’s been a long time coming, but today Nintendo and the creative team at Valhalla Game Studios shared more information about upcoming Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third, which will hit home on August 28.

Developed under the watchful eye of renown artist Tomonobu Itagaki – whose previous credits include Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden – the long-gestating actioner had been curiously quiet in recent times, though going off of the gameplay segments glimpsed in the video above, it seems that Nintendo’s flagship home console is very close to receiving a brand new exclusive.

Here’s the House of Mario confirming today’s announcement via Twitter:

Showcasing both single-player and multiplayer content, the 10-minute demonstration certainly packs a punch for those eager to hear more about Devil’s Third prior to it release in a few months’ time. Unless you’re well versed in Japanese, much of Valhalla’s quotes will be lost in translation, but it’s a fascinating primer nonetheless.

The studio’s upcoming actioner will make its debut in its native country first on August 4. Exactly why development has taken so long has remained a mystery, though the fact that Devil’s Third was originally on course to be published under now-defunct THQ explains a small portion of the bigger picture.

While there’s little information to go on for now, we can readily expect Valhalla’s Devil’s Third to feature prominently during Nintendo’s Digital E3 Event on Tuesday, June 16.