Lords Of The Fallen 2 On The Cards At Deck 13, Studio “Working On Vision” For Sequel


Developer Deck 13 has announced that the studio is beginning to draft up ideas for Lords of the Fallen 2. This comes off the back of an impressive run from its predecessor, which shipped close to 700,000 copies when it arrived for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC back in October. Tomasz Gop — executive producer of the original — confirmed the news to Eurogamer earlier today, stating that:

“We’re now working on vision and concepts for Lords 2.”

Gop only brought word of a confirmation at this early stage, but news that a sequel is in the works will no doubt please RPG devotees. In fact, given that Lords of the Fallen honed much of the style and tone of From Software’s Souls series — from the medieval setting down to the third-person gameplay — it will be interesting to see how the studio moves forward with the follow-up.

Will it diverge from its excruciating and unforgiving forebearer further by offering a different experience entirely? Or will Lords of the Fallen 2 ramp up the difficulty to appease those ardent players who crave a playthrough that punishes each and every mistake and, subsequently, bestows a greater sense of reward in the process? Time will tell.

Fans of Lords of the Fallen can look forward to Ancient Labyrinth, the RPG’s maiden expansion pack, when it arrives in the early stages of next year. We’ll keep you right up to date with all the news pertaining to the sequel, but for now, you can share which direction you’d like to see Deck 13’s follow-up pursue in the comments section below.