Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Four Player Update Launches Today


Since launching in September 2015, Asteroid Base’s Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime has been praised as one of the best co-op experiences on current-gen consoles and PC. The co-operative action will get even better today, though, as the developer has announced that the four-player update for the game has gone live.

As you may have inferred, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is about navigating the treachery of outer space with a good friend. Players are tasked with piloting their customizable ship through each of the four main campaigns that the game features. What makes the title unique, though, is the teamwork required to man each of the individual stations found on the ship.

Asteroid Base isn’t just cramming two additional pilots into the ship and calling it a day, however. The difficulty of each campaign will scale depending on how many players are on a ship. So, if you have four pilots on your craft, you can look forward to tougher missions as well as more enemies who are out to kill you. It will take true camaraderie between your co-pilots in order to navigate the toughest corners of the galaxy.

I’m a big proponent of co-op games, and considering how well Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime handled two player gameplay, I’m more than confident that Asteroid Base knows what they’re doing. Judging by the short clip the studio released celebrating the update, it appears that the chaotic action of the game will easily work with more players.

If you’re interested in exploring the deepest corners of space with three close friends, you can pick-up Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC , Mac and Linux now. The critically acclaimed co-op adventure carries a price tag of $14.99.