LucasArts Has A Secret Game To Reveal At E3

Earlier this week LucasArts sent out invitations to the gaming press announcing that the studio will reveal an “unannounced game in development” at E3 next month. With no other information to go on, that short blurb was all it took to get my speculation juices flowing.

Without a doubt, the number one “unannounced” title that I would like to see from LucasArts would be the often rumored (and desperately wanted) Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Another blast from the past that would be great for us old-timer PC gamers would be a sequel to the much loved X-Wing vs Tie Fighter series.

Sadly, both those titles are not likely to be announced, which leaves us with one last very real possibility. Earlier this month a new Lucasfilm trademark popped up for Star Wars 1313, with one of the listed uses being video game software. Nothing else official is known about trademark, but “CT 1313” was a name once used by a young Boba Fett in one of the prequel novels.

Anything is possible at this point, and we will know soon enough with E3 just around the corner. Let us know in the comments below what you best guess is for this unannounced LucasArts game.