Lucky Fan Receives Copy Of Resistance 3?

One lucky Resistance fan claims to have already received a copy of Resistance 3 – a shooter that isn’t officially released for over another fortnight – although some people have been lucky enough to give the campaign a bash. Reported by LegitGamer, the Reddit user, Jearbear, posted a picture of himself and issued a statement about the quality of the game.

Compared to R2 it is so much better…. graphics, controls, story, difficulty… I am really enjoying it. How it feels and plays is a ton better than R2. It is difficult on normal (more strategic, no run and gun at least in this difficulty). The graphics are dang good too. The game feels very dark and graphically it has a very dark palette. It is also quite intense in some areas. I also enjoy how there are med packs instead of health regeneration! The art direction is pretty cool.

Perhaps it was his uncanny resemblance to fictional millionaire Tony Stark that netted him his free copy? Or maybe this is all an elaborate hoax? Who knows? If nothing else, developer Insomniac may want to double check their security.

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